“Word Jumble” is an exhibition of art made out of words.
Each artist was assigned a word to create a unique piece of work. Each week a new poet will arrange the words into a new poem.

Artists: Daggi Wallace, Dijana Skoric, Elisabeth Stokkebye, Shelley Kommers, Dmitriy Dimus, Nat Sufrin, Patrick Quinn, Sheila Ross, Dakota Noot, Anne Collins, Linda O’Neill, Joel Armstrong, Shizuko Greenblatt, Meena Khalili, Hans Neleman, Mick Bacich, Tania Sen, Sarah Stone, Mara Zaslove, Aneys Galleani, SameSource and more to be announced.

Where: BLEICHER/GORMAN (bG) Gallery Bergamot Station – Space G8A, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica 90404 Phone: +1 (310) 906 4211 Hours: 10-6pm Tues-Sat or by appointment.
Website: bGartGalleries.com