Bodies of work by: Gay Summer Rick,  Susie Loucks, Danielle Eubank, Tatiana Botton

September 4 – September 25, 2016

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Susie Loucks, Day in, photograph, pigment print, 11x14
Susie Loucks, Day in, photograph, pigment print, 11×14

Inspired by the new Metro line and changes underway at Bergamot Station, bG Gallery presents the fall curatorial Transported. The exhibition considers travel as inherently transformative, literally and figuratively. Between the points of here and there, time passes, the scenery blurs and every moment in motion is the arrival and departure of a new location. Though the final destination may be foreign and potentially inhospitable, transcendance can be had by seeking beauty within the journey.

BG Gallery presents bodies of work by four artists whose work is informed by transportation. Tatiana Botton takes herself to remote locations and brings back stunning photographs of places most people would otherwise never see. Danielle Eubank paints the ocean waters and ice floes she encountered on an expedition to the Arctic Circle. Susie Loucks uses motion to transport the viewer to a new local by blurring the surface of familiar places. Gay Summer Rick uses her signature palette knife style to explore the essence of the commuter’s environment in the trainlines, streets and freeways of Los Angeles County.