Show date: Sunday March 25, 2012
Location: BLEICHER/GOLIGHTLY GALLERY, 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica CA 90401
Phone: (310) 237-6423
Public Viewing Hours: 12:30-9:30pm Thurs-Sat, 12:30-6pm Sun-Wed
Press/Curator Contact: Peter Petro 310.430.5096

Bleicher/Golightly Gallery is pleased to present The Art of Music, a groundbreaking series presenting criminally overlooked specialty music for film, TV, video games and visual media. It gives music supervisors, film composers, film directors, game designers and audio professionals a chance to explore niche music styles and stay ahead of the curve. The Art of Music showcase features genres that can add depth and uniqueness to video-based project of any scale. Lesser-known Cuban, Mexican and Chinese styles; Delta and pre-Depression blues; and 1930’s period music are just some of what you can expect from this lively series, occurring three times this year at the Bleicher/Golightly Gallery in Santa Monica.

Featured artists include premiere sound composer Diego Stocco, who has scored Sherlock Holmes, Assassin’s Creed and the ubiquitous and award-winning Spectrasonics sound library (the go-to sound library of virtually every post-production studio on the planet). Diego will share a rare glimpse behind the curtain and explain his approach to creating signature “musical sounds”.  Equally fascinating is the sublime soundpoetry of composer Nat Evans, whose performance will be synchronized to the setting sun over the water — easily visible from the gallery’s western glass wall. Nat’s soundscapes are like artful musical reveries that blend the very best of real instruments, natural sounds and processing effects to create stirring artform that is in a league of its own. These two “master class” presentations are specifically catered to audio and media professionals who already know most sound design tricks and want to push their own boundaries in the craft.

This event is a MUST for anyone interested in adventurous scoring and music use in film, TV, video games, and web content. Beyond the showcases, attendees will get a free music bundle (courtesy of RapidShare) with dozens of unreleased and clearance-ready tracks; a handbook on sound scoring with contact info, resources and background; and a chance to win raffle prizes such as the FourTrack (iphone based 4 track recorder), GuitarJack (high-quality iphoneinterface for recordinng guitar), a copy of the newly released Film and TV Music Guide and more.  Tickets are very limited due to space.