As we arrived in the morning, we met Susan for the very first time.

Although we were a little disoriented,

She was very kind!

“Let’s have a tour” – she told us.

The studio was huge, such as her stunning paintings.

Once finished the first exploration we sat in the middle of the Studio.

The atmosphere was great, surrounded by lyric music.

“Do you usually listen to music when working?” – we asked.

“Of course I do” – she said, “The music harmonizes my mood and my art”.

Being surrounded by those several artworks,

an obvious question came to our mind:

“When did you start painting?”.

“At the age of 2. I was deeply inspired by my mother – who was an artist like me.

Since I was a child I had a very clear goal: to become an artist.

This is the reason why I decided to study Art and Psychology at the University of Nevada”.

In fact, Susan’s bio reveals she graduated with honors.

Speaking of colors,

a strange oil captured our attention.

“Which kind of oil is this one?” – we asked.






These bottles of oil are like magical!

They’re toxic solvent free.

“You can’t smell any bad air in my studio thanks to this Oil, can you?” – Susan asked.

That was the truth,

maybe this is the key to live a never ending youth!

Colors, brushes, canvas, papers, boxes were all over the studio.






“Every piece of art takes me months.” – then she continued,

“Then I use up to 10 colors per painting. I just want them to express positive vibes..”

Then we sat around a table and our conversation kept going on.

“Is there anything you are willing to do in your life?” – we asked.

“Going to Italy” – she said. “I’ve always admired the art, culture and history of your hometown”.

Being italian we felt so proud to hear her feelings towards Italy.

“Months ago, during a show, I met Danielle Vellicana.

She is the founder of Via Cavour 85 Gallery, in Arezzo.

She was attracted by my artworks and we kept in touch.

Then I was so lucky that she offered me the chance to join an individual exhibit in Arezzo.

I obviusly couldn’t decline that offer.

It’s like a dream coming true.

The exhibit’s name is Susan Moss: Homage to color.” – Susan said, looking so proud and satisfied.






In this show Susan wants to express her gratitude towards the art and colors,

that have always been the expression of her soul and feelings.

From the 5th of May untill the 20th, we can enjoy the beautiful works made by Susan.

Through her color we can lose ourselves into a new world

made by lines and colorated curves, far from everyday life’s fears.


Finally, we asked her what is the real message she wants to express and spread with her artworks and she just replied like this: 


Laura and Azzurra.