Some of the services offered by Bleicher/Golightly are listed below.

For information and no obligation rates on our services and artists use the contact page.

For Collectors and Art Enthusiasts For Business and Film
-Comprehensive selection of fine art works in a variety of genres.-Angel Collectors Account. Contact us to find out about special discounts and complimentary services for our regular collectors.-Art Consultation (our professional consultants can advise on artworks to suite your concept/design/tastes or other needs)-Appraisal


-Private Art Parties and Showings

-Artist Studio Visits and Observation Sessions.

-Art Lessons from Accomplished Artists

-Live Painting/Art Performances for your Event

-Art Curation-Location Use. For private parties and exclusive events.

-Image licensing

-Art Rental

-Art Placement Consultation

-Art installation services.

Please visit our affiliate’s website for further arts related services including services for gallerists, artists, and web and graphic design.