Closing Reception: March 3, 2016, 7:30pm-9pm. Performance 8-8:30pm.

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unnamedArtists: Arthur J Schwartz, Annie Collins, Ching Ching Cheng, David B. Jang, Egor Sovtsov, Alison Petty Ragguette, Lisa Sartor, Carmen Lazar, Eike Waltz, Dwora Fried, David Isakson, Kevork A. Cholakian, Jana Charl, Ash Witham, Fred Tieken, Oliver DiCicco, Heui Tae Yoon, The Love Armada, Lynn Farrand, Ted Gall, Tanya Ragir, Linda Vallejo, Gary Raymond, Alisa Gabrielle   more to be announced.

Sculpture-Maze is a unique combination of installation and group exhibit by artist Airom. Selected sculptures by a variety of sculptors are arranged in lines to create the walls of a maze inside the gallery exhibition space. Guests are invited to walk through the maze and experience the beauty of the individual sculptures as well as the effect created by their arrangement as a whole.