November-December 2015

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From the time of antiquity, humans have wondered about the mysteries of the world around them. When reason and science cannot provide a satisfying answer, imagination steps in and mythology takes root.

Artists nurture the narrative of a myth, giving it life through storytelling, song, dance and visual art. The resulting works offer insight into a culture’s ever fluctuating perspective on existence.
Neo Mythology gathers artworks that bring myth to life in a contemporary context.

Exhibiting artists include: Liz Craft, Allison Foshee, Allois , Art Venti, Bob Branaman, Cory Sewelson, Mark Ryden, Hiroshi Mori, Daniel Tousignant, Devin Johnson, Geo Rhode, Michelle Kingdom, Paula Doherty, Ron Rodgers, Shaun Berke, Ted Gall, Carl Keck, Linda Smith and Jessica Volpe.