Featured Image: Liz Tran, Perseid 3, mixed media on panel

MORE FUN! – A Virtual Art Exhibition
We had so much fun with FUN that we decided to keep the ball rolling and bring you MORE FUN! Additional Artists and Artworks have been added for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Join curator, Kate Stern, and the artists from MORE FUN! 

In dire need for some good ole fashioned FUN, bG Gallery and curator, Kate Stern, have come together to bring us just that. MORE FUN! features works of art meant to make us feel good, lighten our spirits, evoke joy and playful feelings. And honestly, who doesn’t need a good dose of that right now?

Watch the More FUN Virtual Reception here:

Participating Artists:

Kyra Anderson, Gary Baseman, Leonardo Betti, David Buckingham, Dan Busta, Betsy Clark, Karen Clark, Laurie Freitag, Don Fritz, Nicole Gordon, Keith Haring, Roger Henry, Gregory Horndeski, Renée Jacobs, Danny Kaplan, John Kilduff, Aaron Kramer, Nancy Larrew, Alden Marin, Ralph Allen Massey, Merrill Morrison, Takashi Murakami, Ramona Otto, Alessandra Pierelli, Antonia Price, Linda Sue Price, Samuel Price, Christina Ramos, Ryan Schude, Linda H. Smith, Heidi Spector, Moye Thompson, Liz Tran, Renee Tay, Lorraine Triolo, Cindy Chinn, Yaya Chou, and Tracey Weiss and Nick Veasey.

Nicole Gordon, Alice’s Garden
Moye Thompson, Escape, ceramic