When: April 16th – May 16th, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 6:00 – 9:00 pm PDT.

bG Gallery presents a new concept that seeks to bridge the gap between blue chip masters and their contemporary successors. Stunned by how much influence there is to discover amongst contemporary artists and practices, bG has decided to implement an ongoing dialogue between the two dynamics for the upcoming exhibits. The curators at bG continue to spend a great deal of time pursuing partnering galleries, auction houses and contemporary art fairs alike discovering these nuanced references that remind us of the many contemporary masters.  

The current show Mike Saijo Intersections seeks to explore the convergence of Latino, Japanese, and Jewish communities in Boyle Heights. Therefore, the Influences component will examine the confluence of Saijo’s most recent works and that of his predecessor – Japanese artist, Moriyama Dado.

Moriyama suggests that it is vital to look at subjects from every angle, even if that means going back down the same street in the opposite direction and standing still and waiting for something that interests you to enter the frame. Street photographers often only take snapshots of things immediately around them in their daily life. However, fundamentally that means that they are not going out of their comfort zone. But out on the city streets, everything you encounter is abstract and unconventional. 

Daido’s message is one that we all know, but sometimes ignore: “the camera captures the image, the photographer makes the image. A camera is a tool, no different to a pen used by writers or a brush by painters”.