Len Poteshman

Len Poteshman describes himself as a non-conceptual artist, whose work provides him the possibility of bridging illusion and reality. As a child, he showed talent in both music and art, and dreamed of becoming a concert violinist, but that dream was shattered when he was wounded during World War II. So he turned to his love of art, and studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the American Academy of the Arts, the Los Angeles Art Center, and the Chouinard Institute, and graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a Master of Arts degree. Len Poteshman art, Ventura artist, non-conceptual art, sculpture art

His multi-faceted background includes an exciting career as a law enforcement officer in art crimes, doing undercover work, forgery detection, composite drawings of suspects, and theft investigation. He also co-authored a book on art crimes titled “Museum, Archives, and Library Security”. He is the creator of a sculpture made from confiscated weapons which is permanently on display at a California courthouse.

His work has been exhibited in the Los Angeles County Museum and the Riverside Museum as well as in galleries in Spain, Washington, and California.

Now living in Ventura, he is a member of the Buenaventura Artists’ Union, an artist participant of the Ventura Music Festival, and an original tenant of the Bell Arts Factory, where he maintains his studio/gallery.