Jordi Alcaraz

Jordi Alcaraz is a Spanish artist born in Barcelona in 1962. His work is postwar-era, contemporary and lives between categorical lines. Essentially, it is Mixed-Media that utilizes sculpture, drawings, and paintings. It takes the simplicity and purity of Minimalism, subtracts the rigidity and adds physical elements such as roughly punched holes in canvas, or plaster smeared across a surface. His works seem to retain the reductionist philosophy of Minimalism; no mark appears without purpose, each material is focused not on representation, but on its own materiality.

He uses organic shapes that are presented harmoniously with the organic methods of modification that Alcaraz employs on his artworks. Mediums are twisted and transported into something new, but there are no hard edges. It all seems to melt together into one birth of a framed piece.

Nearly every text on his work will describe it using the word ‘poetic’. He is commonly compared to former Catalan Artists including Tàpies, Miró, and Dali. His techniques are said to draw a link between Arte Povera, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism.