A pop up exhibit by bG Gallery curated by Alyssa Mannis in the Helms Design Center for the Culver City Artwalk.

Click here to view the exhibit online.

You are invited to an art quest: search through a series of works that contain clues to solve a puzzle created by the curator. Featuring an exciting lineup of artists including Tatiana Botton, Susan Moss, Thomas Kidd, Mike Stilkey, Adele Mills, Douglas Alvarez, Gregory Horndeski, Krista Machovina, Ryan Schude, Dan Busta, Jamie Sweetman, Nick Veasey, Gay Summer Rick, Stephen Anderson, Teresa Flowers, Ed Freeman, Yaron Dotan, Linda Smith, Mike Saijo, Alyssa Mannis and more.

Email info@bgartdealings.com for a find the clues game with the exhibited works. Winners go in the draw for a $300 gallery gift card.

The show takes inspiration from the idea of jamais vu an experience at the opposite end of deja vu that has been described as similar to amnesia, new-found appreciation, or the redefinition of something previously experienced or learned.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/322642901828530/