Featured image: Kata Unger, German Angst

bG Gallery is pleased to present Indecent Exposure – Exposed and Unconscious, a group exhibition curated by Thomas Whittaker Kidd.

When: May 21st – June 13th, 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21st 2022 6-9pm PDT

Online Panel Discussion: Saturday, May 28th 2022, 10am PDT. Email bggallery@bgartdealings.com to RSVP and receive the zoom link

Artist Performance by Thomas Whittaker Kidd: Pilgrimage To The Process: Saturday, June 4th 2022, 3pm PDT, followed by a gallery walk through

In conjunction with our current exhibition, we are pleased to present a selection of artworks created by historic artists who have influenced the contemporary artists in our main show. View the “Influences” section here.

Curatorial Statement:

The level of vulnerability displayed in the content of these artists’ works results in a deep identification with common elemental reflections on being human. The beauty of vulnerability, observing the nude mind as a way to unload a history of biases and filtration systems, brings comfort through discomfort caused by unfiltered communication. 

The comfort comes from seeing individuals and basic human commonalities.

Fear often shuts us down from understanding and looking at something clearly. 

Seeing beauty in identifying with our common vulnerability leads to connecting with individuals and creative reactions.

The works in this exhibition are held together by the way the Unconscious, a term Carl Jung used to describe what Sigmund Freud called the Subconscious, can display subject matter often relegated to the private sphere or kept to oneself completely.

Conveying this subject matter in “normal” social interactions, would often be called “over sharing”. These artists generously display their essential thoughts.

Featured Artists:

Lawrence James Bailey, Mary DeVincentis, Guillermo Jimenez, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Martin Krammer, Nilay Lawson, Easton Miller, Loser Angeles, The MAC, Jim Ovelmen, Rabbit, Kata Unger and Cate White.