From Little Things Big Things Grow

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Show Duration: December 20th-January 5

Artists: Douglas Alvarez George Joaquim, Campbell Laird, Len Poteshman, Airom, Warren Long, Kimberly Zsebe, Susan Lizotte, Ted Meyer, Shawn Waco, Gay Summer Rick, Terri Berman, Daniel Rolnik, Linda Smith,  Betty Green, Cassandra Tondro, Anna Stump, Michelle Nielsen, Shannon Rowland,  Richard Reiner, Wanda Decca, Mary Delioussina, Courtney Reid, and more.


bG and  Hamilton Galleries are  pleased to present a unique holiday exhibit of giftable works: ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’. Inspired by the Paul Kelly song of the same name, this exhibit explores how from small beginnings exponentially larger things can rise naturally, spiritually, and socially.


Artists were given the title as a theme and asked to come up with an artwork with their own interpretation. They have used a wide variety of mediums to explore ideas of how we naturally and intrinsically grow. Interpretations range from baby animals to social-political movements, to scientific ideas and forces of nature.