Three Artists. Three Countries. Three works each. 

Accompany bG Gallery and Lily Yu of Agent Art as they embark on a virtual journey around the globe through art in an exclusive, live event via Zoom across three separate time zones.

Join this fast-paced adventure ride to meet draftsman, Jim Holyoak in Canada, sculptor, Hadiya Finley in China, and painter, Kahl Monticone in Australia. Participants will be invited inside the artists’ studios for a behind the scenes look at their processes and practices.

Jim Holyoak is a wandering artist who climbs mountain tops in faraway places seeking monsters. He currently lives in Kootenay, British Columbia. Holyoak takes inspiration from nature, animals, and his wild imagination, recording and creating phantasmagorical journeys in ink on paper. 

Hadiya Finley, gracefully models wood, clay, and other found materials into sculptural figures imbued with vulnerability and strength, metaphors of the human experience. By incorporating birds, boats, and imaginative vehicles, Finley symbolizes modes of transportation as transcendence. Finley lives and works in Guangzhou China.

Kahl Monticone, a composer, became an artist when creating artwork for album covers of his musical releases. His visual compositions arise from complex mathematical processes, creating a framework, like a musical scale onto which the notes, here in the form of colors, shapes, and patterns are intuitively divined. Each watercolor is an improvisation and yet contains a structural core, creating elegant harmonies of permanence and ephemerality. This event will serve as Monticone’s American debut as a visual artist, he is currently based in Queensland, Australia. 

Lily Yu, Agent Art, is a private art advisor, art appraiser, and curator of 20th Century and Contemporary art. She works as an advisor to collectors, galleries, and corporations worldwide to buy and sell art. Her passion is to share life’s great pleasures of art, food, and travel with others.  

bG Gallery specializes in accomplished artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low, and figurative-abstract. Its aim is to bring authentic art with elements of human spirit back to the forefront of the contemporary art scene. 

Watch the zoom event here: