Featured image: Gloriane Harris, Texas Flood

ViCA opened a new gallery with “50 Years of Oil & Water – Gloriane Harris – 1969-2020” in February, 2020. A few days later Covid hit. Now bG Gallery is proud to present a selection of the works exhibited.

Curator walk through with Juri Koll: Saturday, May 1st from 2:00pm – 4:00pm PST.

Browse the online exhibit here.

Watch Eric Minh Swenson’s short film about Gloriane Harris here:

”We’re proud to re-present the first retrospective exhibition of Gloriane Harris and her first solo show in 35 years. Harris has lived and worked on the westside of LA — quite purposely under the radar — for decades. She has often been ahead of her time, such as with her early hard edge work and shaped canvases, which no one has ever seen since she painted them.”  Juri Koll, Director/ViCA

“Among other things, Gloriane Harris’s half-century output demonstrates that color-saturated painting in southern California owes little to its East Coast equivalent. Rather, it results from a keen attention to nature and, especially, to light. Harris is nothing if not a Light-and-Space artist; she just happens to rely on paint, brushes, and canvas.”  Peter Frank, Critic/Curator

In the late 80’s, Harris withdrew from the art scene and stopped attending openings while painting daily. Harris has taught countless artists at Otis Art Institute, El Camino College, Cerritos College, among several other institutions, exhibiting there yearly, and has now re-emerged with ViCA.

Gloriane Harris, Next Eclipse of Green