Featured image: Kat Sánchez Standfield, detail shot

bG Gallery is pleased to present “FABULOUS FIBER,” a group exhibition featuring the work of fiber artists, curated by Kate Stern.

Exhibit Dates: February 12th – March 14th, 2022

Opening Gallery Reception: Saturday, February 12th, 3:00 – 6:00pm (PST).

Zoom Reception (meet our out of town artists online): Sunday, February 20th at 5:00pm (PST).

Serena Brooks, Squeezed

About Fabulous Fiber:

Fabulous Fiber  brings together artists working in various materials which all fall under the banner of Fiber Arts. Whether woven, quilted, embroidered or felted, the works of art vary from 3 dimensional sculptures to large and small scale wall pieces to wearable art. Oozing with texture and color, these age old techniques give way to a new life as contemporary artworks.

“I wanted to work with artists I had never worked with who work in mediums I hadn’t explored before in my curation. I’ve had a strong attraction to textile and fiber artworks over the years, partially because I like the textures but also because the work makes me feel involved in it. Almost like I am a part of it. Something about knowing the feeling of the fibers on their own and how those feelings relate to emotions. Fiber art has a way to make you feel connected to the work on a sensory level.”

Kate Stern, Curator.

Severine Gallardo, Felted headdress

Participating Artists:

Hammad Abid, Cassie Arnold, Charlotte Bird, Serena Brooks, Han Cao, Cudra Clover, Orly Cogan, Shelby Drabman, Sevarine Gallardo, Linda Gass, Peg Grady, Kathy Halper, Stephanie Metz, Merrill Morrison, Carol Powell, Michael Rohde, Bonnie Jo Smith, Kat Sanchez Standfield and Elise Vazelakis.

Stephanie Metz, Orb Cluster