[November] Magic Hour

Featuring Brooke Adams and Mimi Feldman

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 23rd, 7-10 pm

Show Duration: November 23rd-December 7th


BrookeAdams_DaysOfHeaven3Location: bG and Hamilton Galleries, Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 +1 310 451 9983 Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm Thursday-Saturday 12-10pm bgArtGalleries.com

Press contact: Kate Gjerde manager@bgartdealings.com +1 310 451 9983

Hamilton Galleries and bG Gallery are pleased to present Magic Hour, works of beyond-natural mystique by Brooke Adams and Mimi Feldman. Cinematographers call those perfect golden minutes of sunlight at the beginning and end of each day the “magic hour”.  Inspired by the idea, Brooke and Mimi embarked on a quest to capture that magic on canvas. The resulting body of work mesmerizes the viewer with depictions of subjects captured in the elusive illumination that infuses a heightened moment in time.

Brooke Adams, an accomplished artist, draws on her career as an actress, particularly her lead role as Abby in Terrence Malick’s film Days of Heaven. In this new work, Brooke employs a subtle application of rich gold leaf as counterpoint to cool depths of shadow, capturing an ethereal scene before the moment flees.

Mimi Feldman approaches the Magic Hour as a metaphor. The artist calls upon the elements – earth, wind, water and fire and uses their opposing forces to create the tension of a “tipping point between what is and what will be.” Luminous jewel tones juxtaposed against cold pastels amplify the conflicting feelings of contentment and danger that Mimi’s paintings conjure,  emotions that comprise some of life’s most magical hours.



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