Estefania Ochoa

Marketing and Publicty | New Collector Liaison

Estefania Ochoa is a California native with a curiosity that has led her to connect with peers through means of artistic creations. Growing up, ballet was her first medium of expression that allowed her to dance into her individuality. Though the training required a great deal of mental and physical discipline, she found solace rebelling from the norm. This led her to a whirlwind life of adventure into her adulthood. She discovered art when she moved across the country to New York City and found a liberating influence in this medium of expression. She admired artists who embraced the limitless possibilities of what it means to create. That is where she found herself fusing her background in management and love for creativity.

Estefania has worked as an independent art consultant, dealer, curator, and art activist since 2015. In 2017 she began working out of Mana Contemporary in Jersey City where she would split her time between assisting Gene Kiegel and Johan Wahlstrom.

In 2017 she launched a culture magazine called SOYYO, where she developed a platform for diverse creators to freely share their stories while focusing on a sustainable and mindful approach to selling art. Today, you can find her work on, or hosting an Instagram Live interview with one of bG Gallery’s artists. To learn more about her journey, or meet with her for a consultation to get your collection started, book an appointment.

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