Ellen Lutwak


A connector of resources and people, Ellen Lutwak serves bG gallery by facilitating sponsorships and partnerships as well as collaborations with businesses, nonprofits, and community members through social media, public relations, and government outreach. A personal favorite connection: an in-kind donation of SkinnyPop Popcorn for an exhibition by Ralph Allen Massey, who often puts iconic movie popcorn front and center in his photorealistic paintings. While looking forward to in-person events and festive gallery openings again, she was excited to assist with the gallery’s innovative online presence at the start of the COVID lockdown–including the gallery’s collaboration with DotRed Tours, a division of the LA Art Show..

In a sales and marketing capacity, she embraces the philosophy of bG gallery’s owner, Om Bleicher, “I am a matchmaker, creating relationships and helping people find artwork that they will fall in love with. There’s nothing quite like the joy we see when collectors hang one of our pieces in their home or office.” Her own collection includes the works of several bG Gallery artists.

Ellen is an Arts for L.A. cultural policy alumni, with a special interest in public art and murals. Her love for art and walking prompted her to found her walking tour, “Art, Architecture, and Alleys”. Also, through @NameGirl Projects, Ellen is a copywriter and name developer in addition to working as a publicist promoting fundraising events.