Carol Powell- CV


M.F.A. Degree-Drawing and Painting-California State University, Fullerton-Fall 2005

M.A. Degree-Drawing and Painting/Printmaking-California State University, Fullerton-June

1999 B.F.A. Degree-Printmaking-California State University, Fullerton-December 1996
Solo Exhibitions:
2012-Textural Play-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.
2011-A Rare Bird-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.
2009-Solo show of drawings-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.
2009-Solo show-Metropolis-Austin, TX.
2008-Featured Artist-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA
2007-Installation Artist-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2006-Carol Powell-Featured Artist-The Max-Hanger 1018-Los Angeles, CA.
2005-Scrap-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.
2005-Reverie-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
2004-Scrumptious Soil-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA
2002-Twisting Truth-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
1999-These Are What Little Girls Are Made Of? -California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.
1996-Dreams Are Not Always What They Seem-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.
1995-A Real Big Shoe-Beans Coffee House-Whittier, CA.
1995-If The World Was Crazy-Sight and Sound Gallery-Fullerton, CA. 
1993-Carol Escapes From The Zoo-Habitat-Long Beach, CA.
1992-Java Jungle-Huntington Beach, CA.
2000-Purchase Award-Ink and Clay 26-California State Polytechnic University, Pomona-
Pomona, CA.
1998-Best of Discipline-Titan Student Union Student Art Show / Art Acquisition-Fullerton, CA.
1997-Second Place-Student Art Show-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.
1996-First Place-More Than Words-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.
1996-Third Place-Southern California Open Exhibition-Fine Arts Institute/San Bernardino
County Museum-Redlands, CA.
1995-First Place-Southern California Currents-Orange County Visual Arts-Orange, CA.
2012-DAblog-Interview:Carol Powell-
We put the artists currently showing at Audis Fine Art on the doctor’s couch”-John-Paul Pryor-
June 16, 09 –
2008-The Citizen L.A.-“Carotene Whispers”-Nathan Cartwright –
December 08
2007-CrankyYellow Gallery-Online Interview-11/26/07
2005-Lifescapes-photo in “Hanging with Molly Barnes:Q&A on
state of visual arts in L.A.”-A
vital Binshtock-August 2005
2002-Art Week-”What’s Really Going On?”-June 2002 -Previews

2000-Extra-”Ink and Clay 26”- Jarred Paul-January 25,2000- p.A5
1998-Notes From The Underground-”Safehouse-Installation Art Presentation”-Show #126
1996-Orange Coast Magazine-”Crossing The Moat-the mixed emotions of a white, middle-class refugee”- Susan Christian Goulding-September 1996-vol.22,num.9,p.26
1996-The Beach Reporter-”Latest Josylyn Exhibit A Success”-Steve Coulter-July 11, 1996-pp.42 and 45.
1996-The Observer/Baker City Herald-” Pulp ‘96 Ranges From Traditional to Futuristic”-Jeff
Peterson-March 8, 1996-p.4
1996-Voice”Pulp ‘96 Review”-Josh A. Bogle-February 27,1996-p.8
1996-The Observer/Baker City Herald-”Pulp ‘96 is Coming to Eastern”-February 9,1996-p.4
1996-Video Catalog for Pulp ‘96-February 17-March 15, 1996
1996-Catalog Sixty Square Inches-Purdue University-January 28-March 17, 1996.
2012-The Secret and How To Tell It-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY
2012-Disasters-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY2011-Secret Codes-Brooklyn Art Library-
Brooklyn, NY
2010-An End to the Mail-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn-NY
2000-Apt. 8, Book 1-California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
1996-Black and White Edition-Self-Help Graphics-Los Angeles, CA
1996-Black and White Edition-Santa Barbara Museum-Santa Barbara, CA
1996-Black and White Edition-CSULB-Long Beach, CA
1996-Black an White Edition-CSUF-Fullerton, CA
Group Exhibitions:
2012-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2012-Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour-Brooklyn Art Library-Worldwide. 
2012-Hive Anniversary Show- Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA
2012-Glitterati-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.
2012-Simply Red-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.
2011-Transferrence-Bleicher Project Space-Los Angeles, CA
2011-Spooky Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2011-Objectified-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2011-Chain Letter-Shoshana Wayne Gallery-Santa Monica, CA.
2011-Studio Sale-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.
2011-A Dynamic Approach-Gallery Rheeway-Los Angeles,CA.
2011-Music at Sunset-Hamilton Galleries-Santa Monica, CA.
2011-Sketchbook Project-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY.
2011- A Murder of Crows and Other Avian Stories-Cactus Gallery-Los Angeles, CA
2010-11-Urban Pet Experience-Sipology Gallery-Long Beach, CA.
2010-39 Now-Den Contemporary-Los Angeles, CA.
2010-Top of the Dome 7-Crewest Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2010-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2010-Rock, Folk, Scissors-Sipology Gallery-Long Beach, CA.
2010-The Fiction Project-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY.
2010-Dream Nature-Two Roads Gallery-Studio City, CA.
2009-Monkey Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2009-Christmas Show-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.
2009-Art for CLARE-Charity show-Santa Monica CA.
2009-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angles, CA. 
2009-Carol Powell and Airom Bleicher-Audis Husar Fine Art
s-Beverly Hills, CA.
2009-Dr. Seuss Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2009-Fairy Tales-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2009-Mural for Grow Kid Grow store-Los Angeles, CA.
2009-Human Botany-Julie Rico Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2009-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2008-Animals-Pussy and Pooch gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2008-A-Z- Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2008-Growing Pains-C.A.V.E gallery-Venice, CA.
2008-Sugar Rush-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles. CA
2008-Small Art Show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.
2008-Carol Powell and Ronald Dzerigian-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.
2008-group exhibit-w13 gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2008 incognito-SMMoA-Santa Monica, CA.
2008-monthly shows-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA
2007-In The Mix-Ghetto Gloss-Los Angeles, CA.
2007-Found-Cactus gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2007-group show- Echo Curio- Los Angeles, CA.
2007-Kite show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.
2007-Plush show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles. CA
2007-Worm show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.
2007-Lunchbox show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.
2007-Wood show-Monkeyhouse toys-Los Angeles, CA. 
2007-Monthly hive shows-Hive Gallery-Los Angles, CA.
2006-Doll show-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2006-Group Show- Volk Arts-Fais Do Do- Los Angeles, CA.
2006-Group Show-100 and Under-Volk Arts-Amsterdam Cafe-North Hollywood, CA.
2006-Group Show-Volk Arts-Coffee Fix-Studio City, CA.
2006 Group Show-F*** Yeah Fest-Los Angeles, CA.
2006-Group Shows (April, June)-Volk Arts-Amsterdam Cafe-North Hollywood, CA.
2006-Group Show-Cannibal Flower-Los Angeles, CA.
2006-Curiouser and Curiouser-Two person show with Kim Tucker-NoOne Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2006- Monthly Group shows-Resident Artist-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.
2005-Six Degrees Festival-Los Angeles, CA.
2005- More Pattern-Bamboo Lane/Revisited-Los Angeles, CA.
2005-Group shows (April, July-December)-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA
2004-Exposition de Crazy Dolls au Glaz’art.-Paris, FR.
2004-Queen For A Day-DA Gallery-Pomona, CA.
2004-Outsiders-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
2004-The 50-50 Show-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
2004-White Planes-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
2003-Petite Show-Gallery 825 Annex Bergamont Station-Santa Monica, CA.
2003-99 Bottles-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA.
2003-Garage Sale-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA.
2003-Things D’Art-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.
2003-Transformations-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.