Tatiana Botton

Tatiana Botton, Dunes Black and White #3


Tatiana was born in NY and raised in Barcelona. Before getting into photography she studied philosophy in Montpellier, American literature and filmmaking in Barcelona, followed by journalism studies at UCLA. She speaks several languages.

While writing for publications in the US and Spain, she discovered photography and was seduced by the infinite possibilities provided by f-stops, shutter speeds and film emulsion. “I fell in love with catching the “moment”. Making people look beautiful was initially easy for me and drew me in , but capturing the “essence” was the real challenge.” A few years back, after much resistance,Tatiana turned to digital picture taking and if was instant infatuation.

Tatiana has specialized in portrait photography shooting for publications in Europe and the U.S. Some of the magazines include Vogue, GQ, The London Telegraph, People En Español. She has completed advertising campaigns for Merck Pharmaceutical.

Tatiana’s latest work is showing us panoramic landscapes, far away destinations like Antartica and the Namibian desert. She combines her love for travel, landscape photography and philosophy in these images of fluctuating and unstable ice sculptures and moving sand dunes. “They are here now always changing like the continuous passage of time and our human influence on nature.”



2012.11.09: Solo Show “Icebergs” at G2 Gallery in  Venice, CA.

2012.10.25: Tree Women Group Show, presenting the Trees of Life series at Broadway Art Space, Santa Monica, CA

2012.5.20:  WIP FLASH POP’s at the Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA.

2012.5.20: Silent Auction for Venice Art Walk, Google building, Venice CA.

2012.4.29: Solo Show at  Alon Shalom hair salon, Los Angeles, CA.

2012.4.27: Group Show “WIP Flash: First Nature” at Broadway Art Space, Santa Monica, CA.

2012.4.26: MOPLA+ SMASHBOX Group Show, Los Angeles, CA.

2011.12.15: Solo Show at the Hotel Nabia, Madrid, Spain.

2011.9.29: Group Show at Espacio Foto, Madrid, Spain.

2011.8.10: Gallery Representation at Espacio Foto, Madrid, Spain.

2011.4.29: Group Show “WIP Flash” at Broadway Art Space, Santa Monica, CA.

2011.4.9: Group Show “Scapes II” at Blue5 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2011.4.2: Group Show “Scapes I” at Bleicher/Golightly gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

2010.11.15: Gallery Representation at Rohrer Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA.

2010.10.1: Gallery Representation at Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA.

2010.8.15: Group Show “Forest for the Trees” at Heather James Fine Art, Jackson Hole, WY

2010.8.1: Gallery Representation at Heather James Fine Art, Jackson Hole, WY.

2010.4.25: Group Charity Auction “Focus on Aids”, Santa Monica, CA.

2010.4.15: Group Show “Pro’Jeckt” at Space 1520, Hollywood, CA.

2010.2.14: Solo Show “Icebergs”at gallery 169, Santa Monica, CA.


2012:  Photography Master Cup Nominee with Tree of Life #1 and #3

2012: Black and White Spider Awards Nature Nominee with Back and White Dune #3

2011: PWP (Professional Women Photographers) Honorable Mention award for “Paradise Bay 1” Iceberg.

2010: PX3, (Prix de la Photographie Paris) Second Prize “Hanging Out” part of the Iceberg Series.

2010: PX3 Water Competition, Third Prize award on Iceberg “Water detail”.

2008: IPA (International Photography Awards), 4 Honorable Mention Awards for Photographic work.

2008: PX3, Honorable Mention Award for “Surfing Penguin” part of the Antartica Series.

2007: IPA, Second Place on Portrait of Actor Javier Bardem.

2007: IPA, 14 Honorable Mention awards with Photographic work.

2007: PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) Second Prize on “Carlos”, Portrait.

2006: APA Honorable Mention Photo Award on “Laughing Woman”.

2005: APA Honorable Mention Photo Award on “Broken Dream” Cuba.

2004: APA Honorable Mention Photo Award on “Landscape” Barcelona