G. K. Austin II



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GK Austin II makes digital prints bonded to aluminum with 400º heat and 80-tons of pressure. Using the fractal algorithms of nature, he creates vibrant, abstract, dimensional images called “fractal flames.” Pointing to mathematics as both a language and a fabric binding the universe, he seeks to break or blend the geometric symmetries that appear in nature such as: nautilus shells, rosettes, and honeycombs. In effect, the blurring of these dissimilar fractals results in unique, organic shapes with unusual colors, forms, and compositions that defy the laws of nature.

Artist Statement


Nature is a tapestry of patterns that nature likes to repurpose over and over again into different ideas.

Examples include the twisting scaffolds of a nautilus shell. Pistols within a daisy. A galaxy spinning in space, or water running down a drain. Straight lines do appear in nature as well; quartz crystals resemble snowflakes; both are translucent and share the same angular patterns. These are just few examples. These repeating patterns have been codified and are called fractals.

I play with the fractals and exaggerate them, combine them, and reform them into new forms, experiences, and ideas.