Carol Powell

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Carol’s work is an exploration of uncontrollable circumstances; the mixed media work is humorous, tragic and autobiographical. Powell mixes dry irony about her life conditions (including her struggle with diabetes) and social observation with nostalgic story-book style imagery. They are a mix of fabrics, paint, marker and collage. She has been influenced by many, contemporary, folk, and commercial artists and inspired by children’s books, Eastern Indian paintings and textiles.  Her artwork has been shown and held in various collections including the Santa Barbara Museum and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and the Santa Monica Museum of Art.



M.F.A. Degree-Drawing and Painting-California State University, Fullerton-Fall 2005

M.A. Degree-Drawing and Painting/Printmaking-California State University, Fullerton-June

1999 B.F.A. Degree-Printmaking-California State University, Fullerton-December 1996

Solo Exhibitions:

2012-Textural Play-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.

2011-A Rare Bird-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.

2009-Solo show of drawings-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.

2009-Solo show-Metropolis-Austin, TX.

2008-Featured Artist-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA

2007-Installation Artist-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2006-Carol Powell-Featured Artist-The Max-Hanger 1018-Los Angeles, CA.

2005-Scrap-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.

2005-Reverie-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

2004-Scrumptious Soil-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA

2002-Twisting Truth-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

1999-These Are What Little Girls Are Made Of? -California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.

1996-Dreams Are Not Always What They Seem-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.

1995-A Real Big Shoe-Beans Coffee House-Whittier, CA.

1995-If The World Was Crazy-Sight and Sound Gallery-Fullerton, CA. 

1993-Carol Escapes From The Zoo-Habitat-Long Beach, CA.

1992-Java Jungle-Huntington Beach, CA.



2000-Purchase Award-Ink and Clay 26-California State Polytechnic University, Pomona-

Pomona, CA.

1998-Best of Discipline-Titan Student Union Student Art Show / Art Acquisition-Fullerton, CA.

1997-Second Place-Student Art Show-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.

1996-First Place-More Than Words-California State University, Fullerton-Fullerton, CA.

1996-Third Place-Southern California Open Exhibition-Fine Arts Institute/San Bernardino

County Museum-Redlands, CA.

1995-First Place-Southern California Currents-Orange County Visual Arts-Orange, CA.



2012-DAblog-Interview:Carol Powell-



We put the artists currently showing at Audis Fine Art on the doctor’s couch”-John-Paul Pryor-

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2008-The Citizen L.A.-“Carotene Whispers”-Nathan Cartwright –

December 08


2007-CrankyYellow Gallery-Online Interview-11/26/07

2005-Lifescapes-photo in “Hanging with Molly Barnes:Q&A on

state of visual arts in L.A.”-A

vital Binshtock-August 2005

2002-Art Week-”What’s Really Going On?”-June 2002 -Previews


2000-Extra-”Ink and Clay 26”- Jarred Paul-January 25,2000- p.A5

1998-Notes From The Underground-”Safehouse-Installation Art Presentation”-Show #126

1996-Orange Coast Magazine-”Crossing The Moat-the mixed emotions of a white, middle-class refugee”- Susan Christian Goulding-September 1996-vol.22,num.9,p.26

1996-The Beach Reporter-”Latest Josylyn Exhibit A Success”-Steve Coulter-July 11, 1996-pp.42 and 45.

1996-The Observer/Baker City Herald-” Pulp ‘96 Ranges From Traditional to Futuristic”-Jeff

Peterson-March 8, 1996-p.4

1996-Voice”Pulp ‘96 Review”-Josh A. Bogle-February 27,1996-p.8

1996-The Observer/Baker City Herald-”Pulp ‘96 is Coming to Eastern”-February 9,1996-p.4

1996-Video Catalog for Pulp ‘96-February 17-March 15, 1996

1996-Catalog Sixty Square Inches-Purdue University-January 28-March 17, 1996.



2012-The Secret and How To Tell It-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY

2012-Disasters-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY2011-Secret Codes-Brooklyn Art Library-

Brooklyn, NY

2010-An End to the Mail-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn-NY

2000-Apt. 8, Book 1-California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

1996-Black and White Edition-Self-Help Graphics-Los Angeles, CA

1996-Black and White Edition-Santa Barbara Museum-Santa Barbara, CA

1996-Black and White Edition-CSULB-Long Beach, CA

1996-Black an White Edition-CSUF-Fullerton, CA


Group Exhibitions:

2012-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2012-Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour-Brooklyn Art Library-Worldwide. 

2012-Hive Anniversary Show- Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA

2012-Glitterati-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.

2012-Simply Red-Da Center For The Arts-Pomona, CA.

2011-Transferrence-Bleicher Project Space-Los Angeles, CA

2011-Spooky Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2011-Objectified-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2011-Chain Letter-Shoshana Wayne Gallery-Santa Monica, CA.

2011-Studio Sale-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.

2011-A Dynamic Approach-Gallery Rheeway-Los Angeles,CA.

2011-Music at Sunset-Hamilton Galleries-Santa Monica, CA.

2011-Sketchbook Project-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY.

2011- A Murder of Crows and Other Avian Stories-Cactus Gallery-Los Angeles, CA

2010-11-Urban Pet Experience-Sipology Gallery-Long Beach, CA.

2010-39 Now-Den Contemporary-Los Angeles, CA.

2010-Top of the Dome 7-Crewest Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2010-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2010-Rock, Folk, Scissors-Sipology Gallery-Long Beach, CA.

2010-The Fiction Project-Brooklyn Art Library-Brooklyn, NY.

2010-Dream Nature-Two Roads Gallery-Studio City, CA.

2009-Monkey Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2009-Christmas Show-Bleicher Golightly-Santa Monica, CA.

2009-Art for CLARE-Charity show-Santa Monica CA.

2009-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angles, CA. 

2009-Carol Powell and Airom Bleicher-Audis Husar Fine Art

s-Beverly Hills, CA.

2009-Dr. Seuss Show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2009-Fairy Tales-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2009-Mural for Grow Kid Grow store-Los Angeles, CA.

2009-Human Botany-Julie Rico Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2009-Group Show-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2008-Animals-Pussy and Pooch gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2008-A-Z- Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2008-Growing Pains-C.A.V.E gallery-Venice, CA.

2008-Sugar Rush-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles. CA

2008-Small Art Show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.

2008-Carol Powell and Ronald Dzerigian-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.

2008-group exhibit-w13 gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2008 incognito-SMMoA-Santa Monica, CA.

2008-monthly shows-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA

2007-In The Mix-Ghetto Gloss-Los Angeles, CA.

2007-Found-Cactus gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2007-group show- Echo Curio- Los Angeles, CA.

2007-Kite show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.

2007-Plush show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles. CA

2007-Worm show-Echo Curio-Los Angeles, CA.

2007-Lunchbox show-Monkeyhouse Toys-Los Angeles, CA.

2007-Wood show-Monkeyhouse toys-Los Angeles, CA. 

2007-Monthly hive shows-Hive Gallery-Los Angles, CA.

2006-Doll show-Hive gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2006-Group Show- Volk Arts-Fais Do Do- Los Angeles, CA.

2006-Group Show-100 and Under-Volk Arts-Amsterdam Cafe-North Hollywood, CA.

2006-Group Show-Volk Arts-Coffee Fix-Studio City, CA.

2006 Group Show-F*** Yeah Fest-Los Angeles, CA.

2006-Group Shows (April, June)-Volk Arts-Amsterdam Cafe-North Hollywood, CA.

2006-Group Show-Cannibal Flower-Los Angeles, CA.

2006-Curiouser and Curiouser-Two person show with Kim Tucker-NoOne Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2006- Monthly Group shows-Resident Artist-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA.

2005-Six Degrees Festival-Los Angeles, CA.

2005- More Pattern-Bamboo Lane/Revisited-Los Angeles, CA.

2005-Group shows (April, July-December)-Hive Gallery-Los Angeles, CA

2004-Exposition de Crazy Dolls au Glaz’art.-Paris, FR.

2004-Queen For A Day-DA Gallery-Pomona, CA.

2004-Outsiders-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

2004-The 50-50 Show-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

2004-White Planes-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

2003-Petite Show-Gallery 825 Annex Bergamont Station-Santa Monica, CA.

2003-99 Bottles-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA.

2003-Garage Sale-Build Gallery-San Francisco, CA.

2003-Things D’Art-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.

2003-Transformations-Gallery 825-Los Angeles, CA.