Calethia DeConto



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Calethia DeConto was born in 1980 in Enid, Oklahoma. She was raised in about 15 different places across the US and abroad, traveling often with her military father. Currently, she lives and works in Los Angeles. In her work, she explores existentialism, identity, sensuality and beauty. She likes to think of herself as an anthropologist taking notes with her camera. Moreover, she uses imagery to shout into the void and just keep on keepin’ on.

DeConto examines light and movement through the relationship between form and environment. Revealing a juxtaposition of rich darks and lights, both artists are able to evoke a sense of surreal beauty and dreamy sensuality. The physicality and sexuality of the female body are not only explored, but glorified. The photographs communicate a bold and dramatic sentiment, while managing to remain elusive and mysterious.