bG Gallery at Bergamot Station presents artists whose work emerges from the influence of the previous century’s growing relationship between art and media. The spectacle is now a major part of mainstream film and video games but has its roots in fine art, particularly romantic and surrealist compositions.

Where: Bergamot Station #G8A – 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone: +1 (310) 906 4211 Hours: 11-5pm Monday-Sunday or by appointment

Reception: Saturday March 29, 6-10pm                                                                                

Show Duration: March 25-April 7

Contact: Om Bleicher +1 (310) 237 6423Christine Wu

For centuries great artists have depicted scenes of spectacular beauty, sensuality and violence. The Sistine Chapel provoked awe long before spaceships traveling at warp speed made movie-goers gasp.  Hundreds of years later, the relationship between art and media has been firmly established. As technology pushes film and digital media into a realm of spectacle capable of replicating spectacles in the visionary arts, contemporary visual artists look back, in turn, and find inspiration in the spectacle of new media.

Shaun Berke

                                                                          bG Bergamot is located across from iKon Ltd., next to Hiromi Paper in the prestigious Bergamot Station gallery complex. bG Gallery specializes in artists who have blurred boundaries between traditionally divided art approaches in their work with a particular emphasis on bridging highbrow and lowbrow divides.

Courtney Reid

Exhibiting Artists: Courtney Reid, Nick Veasey, Josh Hagler, Nathan Cartwright, Ryan Schude, Mike Reynolds, Jim Holyoak, Jack Reilly, Shaun Berke, Poppy Lawman, Nicole Bruckman, Christine Wu, with a selection of historical works on paper and more artists to be announced.

Nathan Cartwright