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For the second installment of our Art Books discussion, Christina kicked us off with Wines of Gala (1977) by Salvador Dalí, a very surrealist book from Taschen pairing wines and art definitely worth a read. Inadvertently, both minimalism and female biographies became our theme for the hour. Starting with Audrey Hepburn, we talked about her work with Givenchy, leading us to the new book by V Magazine and Inez & Vinoodh, The Chanel Book. Next, Edie: American Girl by Jean Stein, a book about young starlet Edie Sedgwick documenting her life from childhood to Andy Warhol to her premature death at 27. Moving on from pop culture icons, we mused about biography styles and the dryness of Peggy

Guggenheim’s autobiography. Was it written like that because she feels dryly about her seemingly exciting, glamorous life? The mention of Guggenheim prompted two things for Alex: her reminiscing on her visit to the Venice Guggenheim Museum with the personal cemetery of Peggy’s late dogs, and also her streak of rebelliousness in museums (she once, to the security guard’s dismay, kicked a Gabriel Orozco shoe box across the room because the artist instructed her to). Obviously, this is a lively discussion that cannot be missed, you should join us for the next one: .

If you didn’t make this one, the next one is on Wednesday, June 9th!


Left to right: Waiting for Dali, Michael Mason (2014), The Nosy Vase, Vian Borchert (2018), Main Street, Saul Steinberg (1972-73). First two acrylic, Steinberg color lithograph.

Left to Right: ‘ Dali Burning ‘ and ‘ Dali’s Mirror ‘, both by Michael Mason. Acrylic paintings

Female Muses

Left to Right: Marilyn Red and Marilyn Blue, Chuka Chesney (2015)

We had particular fascinations with her as teenagers and it’s lasted until now.

“It’s a very… very surrealist book.”

“Was it written like that because she feels dryly about her seemingly exciting, glamorous life?”

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