bG Gallery and SOYYO Magazine are thrilled to present Art – America, a weekly, online journey around the United States of America featuring gallery owners, artists, curators, art writers, museum directors, and others in discussion about artwork unique to their locations, artists, and markets. . We are excited to begin our travels in American Samoa on Saturday, October 10, 2020, at 1pm PST via ZOOM:

Watch the Zoom event here:

Art – America: American Samoa

Saturday, October 10th, you can skip the L.A. traffic and the10-hour flight, for direct access to American Samoa! Join bG Gallery and SOYYO Magazine’s Estefania Ochoa and featured guest, as they take you on an adventure to an American Territory of 60,000 inhabitants spread over seven islands in the South Pacific with a culture steeped in history and rich in tradition. 

According to historians, archeological findings indicate the Samoan people arrived on these Polynesian islands more than 3,500 years ago, and those islands and atolls that make up American Samoa were integrated into the United States beginning in 1900. 

On Saturday we will discuss the culture as it has survived and evolved through generations. Curious isn’t it? We are, and look forward to asking some fun questions.