Airom CV

Large Installations and Solo Exhibitions

2011 – Caporale Bleicher Gallery La Brea, LA CA, “AMT”
2010 – Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica CA in conjunction with “G’day USA”Australian Government Ambassadorial event
2009 – Audis Husar Gallery, Beverly Hills CA.
2008 – Accolades Gallery, Ventura CA. Featured Artist. New paintings and sculptures
2007 – Art Murmur Gallery, LA. Animal-esque. Full gallery collaborative installation with Jim Holyoak and Alex Schaefer exploring Human-Animal interconnection
2007 – Two07 Gallery, New York City, NY. ‘Micro-Gestalt’ Created and co-curated by Airom, a reinterpretation of the LA installation as a formally evolving exhibit.
2007 Orphanage Gallery, LA. ‘Micro-Gestalt’   Collaborative installation conceived by Airom, composed from over 400 small works on canvass spanning the entire gallery and coming together in a single pulsating piece. Inspired by contemporary psychological interpretations of Gestalt and ontological philosophy.
2006 – BAA Gallery, Ventura CA. ‘A Strange Time for Summer’, Solo show. Paintings exploring displacement were interspersed with ink  line drawings on Wittgenstein texts.
2006 – Kristi Engle Gallery, LA. ‘Broken Arms, Long Shadows’ Collaborative Installation with Mike Saijo and Jim Holyoak. exploring history as represented in human memory. The images were installed in an associative connectionist matrix throughout the gallery.
2005 – The Render Gallery, Ventura CA, Solo show

Notable Group Exhibitions

April, Julie Rico Gallery, LA, CA
August. Julie Rico Gallery, LA, CA
Jan. Red Dot Gallery, LA, CA
Mar. Bonhams and Butterfields, Holywood, CA. Get:Art
April. Red Dot Gallery, LA
Dec. Pharmaka Gallery, LA
M.J. Higgins Gallery, LA
2nd St Gallery, LA
Billy Rose Gallery, Ventura Harbor Village, CA
Harbor Village Gallery. Ventura, CA
May. VAU Gallery, Ventura CA
April. Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura, CA
April. VAU Gallery, Ventura CA. 5 Senses exhibition.
Render Gallery. Ventura CA
November. Lankershim Gallery, North Hollywood, CA
Oct. Lankershim Gallery, Hollywood LA.
Oct. SPARC Gallery, Venice LA
Sept Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA)
August. Buenaventura Gallery
August. -Render Gallery, Ventura CA
Aug. California State Fine Art Competition Exhibition, Sacramento CA.
July. Bottoms Art Galleries collection, State Street Santa Barbara
July. SCIART Gallery, Camarillo, CA


October 2007. Art Murmur Gallery, LA. Animal-esque Phase 2. Curated and composed video art and multi media performances exploring human-animal interconnection.April 2007. “five tiny hums: a gestalt performance” Two07 Gallery, New York City, NY. Similar to the LA nine tiny hums performance but this time using an alternate scale and instrumentalists (bass clarinet, vocals and dobro).

March 2007. “nine tiny hums: a gestalt performance” Found Gallery, LA. A gestalt game and musical sound experiment, musicians (oud, cello, violin, flute and guitar) rotated around the corners of the gallery facing the artwork creating a moving sea of sound. Performers were asked to improvise using limited, harmonically devised scales hidden in the corners of the gallery.

April 2006- Kristi Engle Gallery, LA. Three Blind Nodes. Three musicians were blindfolded and deafened to each other and placed in alternate corners of the gallery as they performed to Bleicher’s ‘Nodes’ composition, played to them on headphones.


– Buenaventura Gallery, Juried; Merit Award.
– California State Fine Art Competition; Finalist. Mention of Honor.
– Australia Council Grant received for a project involving the recording of a large body of cello, vocal, guitar and electronic improvisations; Successfully completed.
– Noise Media Festival Chosen sound project was promoted across Australia wide public and private media sources (e.g. Radio National, Triple J) including interviews and airplay.
– Q-Music Inc. (Queensland Australia): Small grant received for purchase of promotional materials for electronic sound projects; Successfully completed.