Barbara Kolo_Transition VI 12 X 12in Acrylic on Panel







Click here for entire exhibit catalog: 144 Catalog                                 (Price and availability of works is subject to change)

Email info@bgartdealings.com to inquire about purchasing work. 


Reception 1: Saturday, January 10th, 5-9:30pm

Reception 2: Saturday, January 17th, 6-9:30pm


bG Gallery is happy to announce a reunion of David Gorman’s 144 exhibit, originally curated in collaboration with the Blue Five Art Space in 2011. This will be a one week only exhibit featuring over 60 works created on 12×12 inch wood panels, the exhibit will include the artists from the original show as well as artists who have not been shown in the gallery before.

As part of the spirit of the original exhibit, artists will be offering 12×12 works for under $500 and a small selection of 24x24in works for under $1000.


Exhibiting artists include: Simone Gad, Stephen Anderson, Shannon Rowland O'connor, Amanda 12x12inDaniel Rolnik, Amber Trueblood, Airom, Tina Tammaro, Miles Regis, Jill Sykes, Susan Lizotte, Michael Maas, Aline Mare, Lara Dann, Snow Mack, Zachary Aronson, Hilary Wootton, Shannon Rowland O’Connor, Douglas Alvarez, Terri Berman, Barbara Kolo, Roast Hoggmann, Thomas Faustin Huisking, Kim Kimbro, Rebekah Waites, Stephanie Wright (SugarFlame), Alyssa R. Barber, Darcy Yates, Kim Kimbro, Burn-in, 12x12inAndrei Duman, Linda Jacobson, George Joaquim, Allan Peach, Ted Meyer, Hill&Stump (Daphne Hill and Anna Stump), Elizabeth Gilson, Gay Summer Rick, Mike Saijo, Hung Viet Nguyen, David Gorman, Fred Tieken, Ryder Sloane, Erik Flores, Hung Viet Nguyen, Betty Green, Dianne Bennett, Leonard Monje, Teresa Flowers, Joella March, Veda Wedman, Fred Tieken, Susan Feldman,  Ryder Sloane, Susan Lizotte, Richard Reiner and more.Aline Mare, Blue World 12x12in